1) Anna is a ______ student than Marco.

    2) When I was a kid, I ____ visit my grandparents very often.

    3) We’ve run ____of milk. I’ll just pop next door to borrow some.

    4) You were so tired after the game that you _____ on the couch.

    5) This is not my car. It is _____

    6) You ____ smoke! It is forbidden

    7) If you ______ more, you_______ the exam.

    8) One or two ____ between police and local youths were reported, but on the whole the situation was much calmer than authorities had feared.

    9) I study English ___ Monday ____ Thursday

    10) The plane _____ when I arrived at the airport.

    11) I am sorry for _____ __you yesterday

    12) The drought has led to a severe ____of food in the region

    13) Does she like chocolate?

    14) She _____with Daniel after dating him for five years

    15) Our roof was damaged in the _____ gales last night.

    16) I can speak Italian, ___ I can’t speak Chinese.

    17) I’ll _____ at around 7:00 to take you to the airport

    18) You shouldn’t _____ money if you know you can’t pay it back

    19) I won’t go to the restaurant because I can’t _____ it.

    * Campi obbligatori